WTK Overlay » Gentoo Ebuilds Repository

The WTK Overlay offers a repository of Gentoo Ebuilds made by WiredTEK devels and gentoo users. The scope is to cover all projects sponsored/developed by the WiredTEK or third party peoples and making them easily available.
The repository mainly provide ebuilds for:
  • Enterprise/SOA Softwares developed by WiredTEK
  • Scalable Internet Applications and Cluster Solutions
  • A more complete and updated Mono/dotNET Environment
  • RealTime and Embedded Softwares
  • CGI and 3D Softwares (complete with add-on and extras tools)
but can also provide ebuilds for any other business.

The Overlay is subdivided into three parts: Experimental, Testing and Stable, each one represent a different development level (see below for more infos), so pay attention and choice the right overlay for your purposes.


This overlay is used by the WiredTEK devels and partners to develop a first and early stage for new ebuilds, categories and a lot of other experimental stuff.

The overlay is not intended to be used for a production environment, so use it at your own risk.


This overlay is used for testing new and improved ebuilds for Gentoo. It's a place where WiredTEK developers and partners alike can work together on providing Gentoo Linux with the very best Enterprise support.

All types of help, collaborations, critiques, suggestions, or bug report are welcome.


This overlay contains all the ebuilds that passed the Experimental and Testing development phase, and it is intended to be largely used on production environments.